Fleet Management

Unlock Your Data

Our industry leading telematics solutions help you use data to increase safety, decrease costs, and drive operational efficiency. We partner with Crown to offer InfoLink for operator and fleet management and FleetSTATS for fleet maintenance management. Please reach out for a case study have how we have worked with industry leaders to tap into their data to improve their operations.

  • Reduce truck expenses: Gain visibility to parts, service, and planned maintenance performance and costs that enable you to manage overall operating costs.
  • Truck lifecycle management: Use utilization, age, performance, and service data to proactively plan equipment retirement and replacement to keep your fleet optimized.
  • Improve safety compliance: Help ensure OSHA compliance with electronic inspection checklists and visual cues (InfoLink 7″ Touch Display), controlled access to certified, approved operators, and onscreen safety reminders.
  • Reduce truck damages: Monitor impacts to help reduce accidents and unintended damage to equipment, property and facilities.
  • Analytics: Platform that provides benchmark data and trends over time so you can see if you’re heading in the right direction – and take action if you’re not.
  • Rapid repair: Event codes are remotely accessible to service technicians to expedite the service call.


Operator & Fleet Management

Tap into the pulse of your warehouse and use operational data to make better decisions that improve safety and productivity and save time and money.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Accurately and efficiently track total maintenance history and cost across the enterprise to better control processes, enhance asset planning and improve fleet health.